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Ko Kut

Ko Kut (เกาะกูด), also widely called Ko Kood, is often feted as the perfect Thai island, and it is hard to argue with such an accolade. The supersoft sands are like talcum powder; the water lapping the bays is clear; and there are more coconut palms than people.

Unlike its larger neighbour Ko Chang, here you can escape from any serious nightlife or noise – though there's an infectious little live-music scene in season. Unlike Ko Wai and Ko Mak, it feels large enough that you can explore and enjoy time away from the beach. Kayaking, snorkelling and visits to waterfalls are the main activities.

Half as big as Ko Chang and the fourth-largest island in Thailand, Ko Kut has long been the domain of package-tour resorts and a seclusion-seeking elite. But the island is becoming more egalitarian, and independent travellers, families, couples and backpackers will find a base here.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Ko Kut.