Wat Srisuphan

Chiang Mai

It should come as no surprise that the silversmiths along Th Wualai have decorated their patron monastery with the same fine artisanship shown in their shops. The 'silver' ubosot (ordination hall) is covered with silver, nickel and aluminium panels, embossed with elaborate repoussé-work designs. The effect is like a giant jewellery box, particularly after dark, when the monastery is illuminated by coloured lights.

Wat Srisuphan was founded in 1502, but little remains of the original wát except for some teak pillars and roof beams in the main wí·hăhn (sanctuary). The murals inside show an interesting mix of Taoist, Zen and Theravada Buddhist elements. Note the gold and silver Ganesha statue beneath a silver chatra (umbrella) by the ubosot, a sign of the crossover between Hinduism and Buddhism in Thailand.

Because this is an active ordination hall, only men may enter the ubosot.

While guests can enter the main temple building free of charge, there is a 50B fee to enter the area near the ubosot to see it up close.