Gaddhaffi Mosque

Central Tanzania

Funded by the toppled Libyan dictator and opened in 2010, the pink Gaddhaffi Mosque north of the centre is one of East Africa’s largest mosques. It can hold 4500 worshippers.

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1. Sunni Mosque


The latticed facade and tall green-domed towers of the mosque make it one of Dodoma's most imposing religious buildings.

2. Jamatkhana (Ismaili) Mosque

0.59 MILES

This mosque sits across the road from the Anglican church. Built in 1954 and used exclusively by Dodoma’s Ismaili Muslim community, it has a distinctly…

3. Anglican Church


In an interesting swapping of styles, the domed Anglican church in the town centre looks like something straight out of the Middle East.

4. Lutheran Cathedral

0.64 MILES

Next door to the Jamatkhana (Ismaili) Mosque, the Lutheran Cathedral is Dodoma's finest example of modernist architecture.

5. Catholic Cathedral

0.82 MILES

West of the centre, the enormous Catholic cathedral has Roman-style mosaics showing some saints, including the Ugandan Martyrs.

6. Museum of Geosciences

0.83 MILES

Even at the old price of Tsh500, this rather forlorn collection of rock samples and geological information wasn’t a big draw. If you’re a fanatical rock…

7. Bunge

0.85 MILES

The home of Tanzania’s parliament is an African-influenced round building. It’s only open to visitors during sessions (bring your passport), but is well…