Sheding Nature Park

Kenting National Park

This well-protected expanse of scrubby hills and open grasslands is a favourite with picnickers, hiking families and ecotourists. A pathway runs through creaking bamboo groves and crevices between huge coral rocks. The reintroduced sika deer is often spotted in the brush, as are endemic bird species, dozens of butterfly species, macaques and even wild boar.

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1. Kenting Forest Recreation Area

0.33 MILES

Once an undersea coral reef, this forest area is now a quirky landscape of limestone caves, narrow canyons and cliff walls strangled with the roots of…

2. Jialeshui

3.86 MILES

The admission fee buys you a half-hour tour-bus ride (and back) along a 2.5km-long stretch of coral coastline, as the driver explains to you the monikers…

3. Eluanbi Lighthouse

4.56 MILES

Kenting's best-known landmark – a still-functioning lighthouse built in the 1880s – is at Eluanbi Cape, the southernmost end of Taiwan's Central Mountain…

4. Taiwan's Southernmost Point

4.97 MILES

Just so you can say you've been to Taiwan's southernmost point, there's a stone marker showing exactly that. It's about 1.2km southeast of Eluanbi Park…

5. Tomb of Ryukyuan Sailors

9.57 MILES

This historical site is a collective tomb of 54 sailors from Ryuku (today’s Okinawa), killed by indigenous Paiwan in 1871. The incident, which occurred at…

6. Shimen Historical Battlefield

11.15 MILES

This historic battlefield site is worth the steep 45-minute ascent more for its excellent views than for its historical remains. These include a memorial…

7. Shuangliou Forest Recreation Area

17.99 MILES

The park offers an easy day hike with two trails to some gorgeous waterfalls and wooded hills. The 1500-hectare park is a monsoon forest that was…