Must-see attractions in Kenting National Park

  • Kenting Forest Recreation Area

    Kenting National Park

    Once an undersea coral reef, this forest area is now a quirky landscape of limestone caves, narrow canyons and cliff walls strangled with the roots of…

  • Sheding Nature Park

    Kenting National Park

    This well-protected expanse of scrubby hills and open grasslands is a favourite with picnickers, hiking families and ecotourists. A pathway runs through…

  • Eluanbi Lighthouse

    Kenting National Park

    Kenting's best-known landmark – a still-functioning lighthouse built in the 1880s – is at Eluanbi Cape, the southernmost end of Taiwan's Central Mountain…

  • Jialeshui

    Kenting National Park

    The admission fee buys you a half-hour tour-bus ride (and back) along a 2.5km-long stretch of coral coastline, as the driver explains to you the monikers…

  • Taiwan's Southernmost Point

    Kenting National Park

    Just so you can say you've been to Taiwan's southernmost point, there's a stone marker showing exactly that. It's about 1.2km southeast of Eluanbi Park…

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