Uetliberg Aussichtsturm

Canton of Zürich

For knockout views of Zürich, Lake Zürich and – on clear days – the Alps beyond, climb the 30m-high viewing deck of the 72m-high, triangular-based Uetliberg Aussichtsturm (viewing tower), not to be confused with the nearby TV tower.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Canton of Zürich attractions

1. Museum Rietberg

1.93 MILES

Set in three villas in a leafy park and fronted by a striking emerald glass entrance, this museum houses the country’s only assembly of African, Asian and…

2. Sukkulenten-Sammlung

2.08 MILES

Zürich is home to one of the largest collections of succulents in the world: more than 4500 species from more than 78 families. With seven greenhouses, an…

3. FIFA World Football Museum

2.12 MILES

Fans of the game won't want to miss out on the FIFA World Football Museum, opened in 2017, which races you through the history of FIFA and the World Cup…

4. Ethnographic Museum

2.51 MILES

The University of Zürich's Ethnographic Museum hosts two regularly changing temporary exhibitions on non-European cultures, and offers insight into its…

5. Beyer Museum

2.66 MILES

Inside the premises of a purveyor of fine timepieces is this small jewel of a museum, which chronicles the rise of timekeeping, from striated medieval…

6. Fraumünster

2.73 MILES

This 13th-century church is renowned for its stunning stained-glass windows, designed by the Russian-Jewish master Marc Chagall (1887–1985), who executed…

7. James Joyce Foundation

2.75 MILES

James Joyce spent much of WWI in Zürich and wrote Ulysses here. This foundation, which boasts Europe's largest Joyce collection, hosts regular English…

8. St Peterskirche

2.75 MILES

From any position in the city, it’s hard to overlook the 13th-century tower of this church. Its prominent clock face, 8.7m in diameter, is the largest in…