Central Switzerland

West across Lake Uri from Brunnen, you’ll glimpse a near 30m-high natural obelisk, the Schillerstein, protruding from the water. Its gold inscription pays homage to Friedrich Schiller, the author of the play Wilhelm Tell, so instrumental in creating the Tell legend. The monument had a large inauguration ceremony in 1860.

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1. Swiss Knife Valley Museum

0.77 MILES

This teensy museum displays historical knives from prehistoric, Roman and medieval times, including folding precursors to the Victorinox classic. Touch…

2. Rütli Meadow

1.35 MILES

Perched on hillside above Lake Uri's western shore, this meadow is the legendary cradle of Swiss democracy. It was here that the Oath of Eternal…

3. Bundesbriefmuseum

3.55 MILES

This museum is worth a visit just to eyeball the original 1291 charter of federation signed by Nidwalden, Schwyz and Uri cantons. It’s accompanied by some…

4. Forum der Schweizer Geschichte

3.63 MILES

This cultural hub of the Swiss National Museum offers splendid, engaging multilingual exhibits focused on the foundation of the Swiss Confederation and…

5. Hauptplatz

3.69 MILES

Most action in Schwyz spirals around the gurgling fountain on cobbled Hauptplatz (main square), dominated by the Rathaus (town hall), complete with…

6. Ital Reding-Hofstatt


Set in baroque gardens, this turreted mansion was once the home of mercenary soldiers. Roam the 17th-century manor’s wood-panelled rooms and vaulted…

7. Tellskapelle

3.87 MILES

On Lake Uri's eastern shore, this chapel is covered in murals depicting four episodes in the Tell legend, including the one that’s supposed to have…

8. Tell Museum


Bürglen is believed to be William Tell’s birthplace. Here you can visit the Tell Museum, a collection of Tell-related objects, documents and artistic…