Insel Mainau

Northeastern Switzerland

This pleasantly green islet has 45 hectares of Mediterranean-style gardens, including rhododendron groves, a butterfly house and a waterfall-strewn Italian garden.

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1. Mainau

0.11 MILES

Jutting out over the lake and bursting with flowers, the lusciously green islet of Mainau is a 45-hectare Mediterranean garden dreamed up by the…

2. Pfahlbauten

2.04 MILES

Awarded Unesco World Heritage status in 2011, the Pfahlbauten represent one of 11 prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps. Based on the findings of…

3. Pulverturm

2.81 MILES

Standing sentinel above the Rhine is the squat 14th-century Pulverturm tower, with 2m-thick walls.

4. Strandbad Horn

2.82 MILES

This lake-front beach, 4km northeast of the centre, has sunbathing lawns, a kiddie pool, playground, volleyball courts and a naturist area.

5. Rheintorturm

2.84 MILES

On the Rheinsteig is the medieval Rheintorturm, a defensive tower with a pyramid-shaped red-tile roof.

6. Domprobstei

2.88 MILES

The orange-red, baroque Domprobstei was once the residence of the cathedral provosts.

7. Niederburg

2.92 MILES

Best explored on foot, Konstanz’ cobbled heart Niederburg stretches north from the Münster to the Rhine. The twisting lanes lined with half-timbered…

8. Kloster Zoffingen

2.92 MILES

The 13th-century Kloster Zoffingen is Konstanz' only remaining convent, still in the hands of Dominican nuns.