Värmlands Museum

Top choice in Central Sweden

The award-winning and imaginative Värmlands Museum occupies two buildings on Sandgrundsudden (reclaimed land now converted into a pleasant park) near the library. Its multimedia displays cover local history and culture from the Stone Age to current times, including music, the river, forests and textiles. Some components of the museum are open-air, activity-based displays about local industry and working life, including a log-driving museum and a mineral mine, just outside of town; pick up brochures at the museum or tourist office.

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1. Domkyrka

0.34 MILES

It’s worth peeking into the 18th-century domkyrka, a soothing space with chandeliers and votive ships.

2. Gamla Stenbron

0.46 MILES

On the eastern river branch, find Gamla Stenbron – at 168m, it’s one of Sweden’s longest stone bridges.

3. Old Town Prison Museum


You can visit the small and creepy old town prison in the basement of Clarion Hotel Bilan, with original cells and prisoners’ letters.

4. Mariebergsskogen

1.15 MILES

For green spaces and picnic spots, seek out Mariebergsskogen, a combined leisure park, open-air museum and animal park in the southwestern part of town …

5. Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka

28.95 MILES

The area's main draw is this house at Mårbacka, 9km from Sunne, where Swedish novelist Selma Lagerlöf (1858–1940) was born. She was the first woman to…