St Nikolai Kyrka

Southwestern Sweden

Medieval attractions in Halmstad include the lovely 14th-century church St Nikolai Kyrka. Frequent music events are held here in summer; check the schedule online.

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1. Tre Hjärtan

0.05 MILES

As you wander the town center, don't miss this half-timbered building on Stora Torg (currently a restaurant). Its name means 'three hearts,' a reference…

2. Europa and the Bull

0.07 MILES

In Stora Torg, the main square, stands Carl Milles’ sculptural fountain Europa and the Bull, with the characteristically buff mermen with somewhat scary…

3. Halmstad Slott

0.14 MILES

Halmstad Slott was built by King Christian IV of Denmark in the early 1600s, when Halland was still under Danish rule. It was where the Danish king met…

4. Woman's Head

0.18 MILES

Picasso’s Woman’s Head is down by the river, in Picassoparken off Strandgatan.

5. Norre Port


A fragment of the now demolished town walls built by Christian IV still stands at the end of Storgatan.

6. Halmstads Konstmuseum

0.55 MILES

Besides the modest permanent collection of works by the Halmstad Group, Halmstads Konstmuseum hosts some impressive temporary exhibitions, including a…

7. Mjellby Konstmuseum

3.26 MILES

The main focus of Mjellby Konstmuseum, 5km west of town, is a changing exhibition of works by the Halmstad Group – six local artists who pushed the…

8. Royal Republic of Ladonia

29.38 MILES

In 1996 Swedish artist Lars Vilks built two sculptures, the driftwood Nimis and its younger concrete sibling Arx, on a beach in the Kullaberg National…