Rådhus (Town Hall)

The Bothnian Coast

Gävle's impressive town hall was completed in 1790 after the previous one burned down in 1776. The upper part of the building was then destroyed in the devastating fire of 1869 and consequently restored (again) to its present neoclassical form.

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1. Gävle Castle

0.14 MILES

On the south side of the river, Gävle Castle (Gävle Slott) was originally built by King Johan III in 1593, looking like a real castle with pinnacles and a…

2. Länsmuseum Gävleborg

0.17 MILES

The county museum, Länsmuseum Gävleborg, has beautifully designed exhibitions on regional culture through the ages, from prehistory to the ‘golden era’ …

3. Sveriges Fängelse Museum

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Duck into underground dungeons, check out ye olde instruments of retribution, peer into the windowless 'punishment' cells and enjoy the tableaux of…

4. Gamla Gefle

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A fire in 1869 wiped out most of the old wooden buildings that formed the town’s core. Today the little cluster that survived the fire is preserved in the…

5. Joe Hillgården

0.21 MILES

One of the old houses in Gamla Gefle is a museum marking the birthplace of Joel Hägglund, who moved to the USA, changed his name to Joe Hill and became a…

6. Heliga Trefaldighets kyrka

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The oldest church in Gävle has an 11th-century rune stone inside, as well as incredible woodcrafted decoration – the work of German artisan Ewardt Friis…

7. Sveriges Järnvägsmuseet

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Inside Gävle’s former engine shed, this excellent museum traces the history of the railway in Sweden through seriously hands-on displays. Besides numerous…

8. Mackmyra Whisky

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Mackmyra Svensk Whisky, established in 1999 as the first Scandinavian malt-whisky distillery, offers tasting sessions that must be booked in advance via…