White Nile Bridge


The confluence of the Blue and White Niles, best seen from this bridge, is a languid high point of the world's longest river. You can actually see the different colours of each Nile flowing side by side before blending further downstream – although neither are blue or white! Don't attempt to take a photograph of the Nile from this bridge; numerous foreigners have been arrested for doing so.

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Nearby Khartoum attractions

1. National Museum

1.32 MILES

This museum, the best in Sudan, has some breathtaking exhibits. The ground floor covers the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush and Meroe. There…

2. Hamed el-Nil Tomb

1.71 MILES

Every Friday afternoon you can see an incredible Sufi ritual, where a colourful local troupe of whirling dervishes belonging to the Sufi community stirs…

3. Khalifa's House Museum

1.79 MILES

The Mahdi's successor lived across the street, and this 1887 museum showcases the history of the Mahdi era.

4. Coptic Church

1.88 MILES

Khartoum's Coptic minority uses this church off the main drag along the Nile. It's an elegant building, with two imposing bell towers.

5. Mahdi's Tomb

1.91 MILES

This rocket-topped tomb is worth making the effort to see. Respectfully dressed foreigners are generally allowed inside. The original was destroyed on…

6. Omdurman Souq

2.31 MILES

This famous souq – the largest in Sudan – is abuzz with noise, activity and colour, and a couple of hours' exploration is bound to turn up all manner of…

7. Al-Kabir Mosque

2.49 MILES

This architecturally impressive mosque is a major landmark in the centre.

8. Republican Palace Museum


Housed in a converted Anglican church, this is a hall of heroes, of sorts, with mementos such as presidential limos and General Gordon's piano. It's worth…