Nuba Wrestlers


In this Khartoum wrestling area, you’ll find traditional wrestlers going through their paces at roughly 4pm on Fridays. The tournament attracts hundreds of spectators. Get there by taxi from the centre (about S£15, 15 minutes). Photography is permitted.

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Nearby Khartoum attractions

1. St Matthew's Cathedral

1.31 MILES

With its various turrets, slender spires and a large rose window, this building resembles a fairy-tale castle. There are services on Sunday.

2. Ethnographical Museum

1.39 MILES

This museum contains a small but fascinating collection of tribal artefacts from across Sudan. Displays are ordered by geographic region and illustrate…

3. Republican Palace Museum

1.68 MILES

Housed in a converted Anglican church, this is a hall of heroes, of sorts, with mementos such as presidential limos and General Gordon's piano. It's worth…

4. Commonwealth War Cemetery

1.82 MILES

This WWII cemetery contains numerous headstones (but no actual bodies). The Allies used Khartoum as a base to invade present-day Ethiopia to expel the…

5. Al-Kabir Mosque

2.02 MILES

This architecturally impressive mosque is a major landmark in the centre.

6. Coptic Church

2.38 MILES

Khartoum's Coptic minority uses this church off the main drag along the Nile. It's an elegant building, with two imposing bell towers.

7. National Museum

2.97 MILES

This museum, the best in Sudan, has some breathtaking exhibits. The ground floor covers the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush and Meroe. There…

8. White Nile Bridge

4.06 MILES

The confluence of the Blue and White Niles, best seen from this bridge, is a languid high point of the world's longest river. You can actually see the…