Bandrawatta Beach


This lovely natural cove beach is well away from the main highway, has sheltered swimming and also a surf break further offshore. Look out for stilt fishermen in the sea just below the Cape Weligama hotel. It's 3km southwest of Weligama.

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Nearby Weligama attractions

1. Taprobane

1.09 MILES

Just offshore – you can walk out to it at low tide – is this tiny island. It looks like an ideal artist’s or writer’s retreat, which indeed it once was:…

2. Mirissa Beach

3.39 MILES

A vision of tropical bliss, Mirissa Beach boasts powdery pale sand, while its azure water is framed by an arc of coconut palms. The west side is the…

3. Handunugoda Tea Estate

5.01 MILES

This exquisite tea plantation in the hills above Koggala offers (free) highly informative tours of the estate. You'll sample and learn how they produce…

4. Kataluwa Purwarama Temple

5.59 MILES

Rarely crowded, this feels like the temple time forgot. Dating from the 13th century, it has some recently restored murals, including some large ones…

5. Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum


This interesting museum includes the house where respected Sinhalese author Martin Wickramasinghe (1890–1976) was born (the traditional southern structure…

6. Koggala Lake

6.28 MILES

Next to the road, Koggala Lake is alive with birdlife and dotted with islands, one of which features a Buddhist temple that attracts many visitors on poya…

7. Polhena Beach


The best beach in the area is a small sandy cove that's sheltered by a reef offshore. There's good snorkelling in the bay, and though visibility is not…

8. Old Dutch Trade Centre

8.47 MILES

On the western side of town, this magnificent T-shaped building (once the town's market) will fascinate architectural buffs: it has an imposing, steeply…