Tangalla & Around

Follow Harbour Rd around the point and into the military area (which is usually wide open); there are great vistas from this viewpoint along the grassy verge.

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Nearby Tangalla & Around attractions

1. Rest House

0.09 MILES

The shady Rest House was once home to the Dutch administrators. It’s one of the oldest rest houses in the country, and was originally built (as a plate on…

4. Ho-o-maniya Blowhole

5.22 MILES

The Ho-o-maniya blowhole is sometimes spectacular and other times a fizzle. During the southwest monsoon (June is the best time), high seas can force…

5. Wewurukannala Vihara

7.61 MILES

A 50m-high seated Buddha figure – the largest in Sri Lanka – is a highlight of this somewhat gaudy temple, which is often thronged with worshippers…

6. Mulkirigala Rock Temples

8.08 MILES

Dangling off a rocky crag 16km northwest of Tangalla and nestled away among a green forest of coconut trees are the peaceful rock temples of Mulkirigala…

7. Dondra Head Lighthouse

15.77 MILES

The landmark Dondra Head Lighthouse provides an exclamation mark to the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. Visitors are not currently permitted to enter the…

8. Tenavaram Kovil

15.95 MILES

The original vast complex of Tenavaram Dondra was destroyed in 1587, and this compound is now the the largest temple in town. Sadly, a couple of (chained)…