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Much less visited than nearby Yala National Park, Bundala National Park is a fantastic maze of waterways, lagoons and dunes that glitter like gold in the dying evening sun. This wonderland provides a home to thousands of colourful birds ranging from diminutive little bee-eaters to memorably ugly open-billed storks. It shelters almost 200 species of birds within its 62-sq-km area, with many journeying from Siberia... Read More

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Private Tour: Bundala National Park Safari

You will be starting your safari at the entrance gate of Bundala National Park. Your safari will start at 5:30 am if you opted for the morning safari or the Full day Safari, or 2:30 pm if you opted for the evening one. Bundala is a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve, an Important Bird Area designated by Birdlife International and also the very first Ramsar site in Sri Lanka. Based on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Bundala National Park has a low country dry zone climate with five saltwater lagoons. The park as a whole is a home ground for many species of plant life, many of them aquatic. Your safari will give you a chance to see many of the 324 species of animals that can be found in Bundala. Small herds of elephants roam the park. Meanwhile, you may see langurs, pangolins, barking deer, sambar and many other types of deer, wild boar, rusty-spotted cats, black-naped hares and jackals. These are merely the tip of the iceberg. In addition to these mammals, Bundala is also famous for its crocodile population. It is the only park in Sri Lanka where you can see both the species of crocodiles available in Sri Lanka; the freshwater (mugger) crocodile and the estuarine crocodile. Other reptiles seen here are tortoises, the many species of snakes including the endemic flying snake, and turtles including all five of the species of globally endangered sea turtles that nest in Sri Lanka. Bundala is also a haven for almost 200 species of birds at the peak of migration. Greater flamingos, which migrate by the thousands to escape winter, also count among this number. Some of the birds that you may get to see are; the many species of cormorants; ducks, such as the lesser whistling duck or garganey; spoonbills; storks such as the painted stork or the black-necked stork; and other birds like the Eurasian coot.   If you select the Evening safari, you can also get to see the beautiful dramatic sunset of the southern coast of Sri Lanka. You will complete your safari at the entrance gate of this very biodiverse area. You will finish at 8:30 am if you went for the Morning Safari, at 5:30 pm if you select the Evening Safari option and at 04:30 if you select Full day Safari .