St Mary’s Cathedral


The grand, turquoise-coloured St Mary’s Cathedral stands out among the many churches in Batti. St Mary’s was rebuilt in 1994 following its partial destruction during fighting between local Tamils and Muslims.

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Nearby Batticaloa attractions

1. St Michael’s College

0.04 MILES

An old colonial survivor that's so drenched in vines and creepers that the brickwork is starting to break away.

2. St Anthony’s


The vaguely Mexican-looking, earth-toned St Anthony’s is one of Puliyanthivu's most striking churches.

3. Methodist Church

0.15 MILES

This sturdy 1838 Methodist church is an atmospheric part of Batti's colonial heritage.

5. Mahatma Gandhi Park

0.22 MILES

This lovely modern park along Old Batti's waterfront is popular with strolling couples and includes features such as the Batticaloa Gate, which was a 19th…

6. Anipandi Sitivigniswara Alayar

0.31 MILES

Of the many Hindu temples, the expanding Anipandi Sitivigniswara Alayar is visually the finest, with a magnificent gopuram (gateway tower) that’s…

7. Dutch Fort

0.41 MILES

This once-mighty fort is now home to administrative offices, and though large sections of the structure are crumbling, it's still an evocative sight. It…

8. Auliya Mosque

0.41 MILES

The tiny Auliya Mosque has a curious green minaret. It's a great place to observe the Dutch Fort over the water.