Batticaloa Kallady Beach

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Kallady & Navalady Peninsula Beach


This long beach follows the peninsula all the way north to the end. The swimming is usually good. With a bike, you can explore the beach, which has access at numerous places from Navalady Rd. Some areas have more shade than others.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Batticaloa attractions

1. Thiruchendur Murugan Alayam Temple

0.99 MILES

Built in 1984 as a stopping point on the Pada Yatra pilgrimage to Kataragama, the temple's Murugan image is said to have opened its own eyes before the…

2. St Sebastian’s Church


Beside Kallady Bridge is the fairly modern and relatively unattractive St Sebastian’s Church, built somewhat in the shape of a whale.

3. Imperial Saloon

1.44 MILES

Consider a haircut and head massage (Rs 400) at this utterly bizarre salon, a monument to kitsch. Every centimetre is covered in decorative painting, fake…

4. Our Lady of Sorrows

1.46 MILES

Of the dozens of churches, the most eye-catching is the huge cerulean blue, eight-sided, unfinished Our Lady of Sorrows.

5. Auliya Mosque

1.51 MILES

The tiny Auliya Mosque has a curious green minaret. It's a great place to observe the Dutch Fort over the water.

6. Mahatma Gandhi Park

1.68 MILES

This lovely modern park along Old Batti's waterfront is popular with strolling couples and includes features such as the Batticaloa Gate, which was a 19th…

8. Dutch Fort

1.69 MILES

This once-mighty fort is now home to administrative offices, and though large sections of the structure are crumbling, it's still an evocative sight. It…