Batticaloa Lighthouse


At the end of a sandbar, surrounded by lagoons and mangroves, this 28m-tall lighthouse dates from 1913. The sheltered coastline around here is a popular family excursion (avoid weekends) and there's a play area for kids. Swimming in the calm water, surrounded by islands and inlets, is the main draw. Three-wheelers charge Rs 500 from Batticaloa. It's 5km northwest from New Town via the B46.

You can go on little boat trips in the surrounding waters, which can be especially scenic near sunset.

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Nearby Batticaloa attractions

1. Kallady & Navalady Peninsula Beach

2.19 MILES

This long beach follows the peninsula all the way north to the end. The swimming is usually good. With a bike, you can explore the beach, which has access…

2. Our Lady of Sorrows

2.48 MILES

Of the dozens of churches, the most eye-catching is the huge cerulean blue, eight-sided, unfinished Our Lady of Sorrows.

3. Imperial Saloon

2.68 MILES

Consider a haircut and head massage (Rs 400) at this utterly bizarre salon, a monument to kitsch. Every centimetre is covered in decorative painting, fake…

4. St Sebastian’s Church

2.72 MILES

Beside Kallady Bridge is the fairly modern and relatively unattractive St Sebastian’s Church, built somewhat in the shape of a whale.

5. St Anthony’s

2.92 MILES

The vaguely Mexican-looking, earth-toned St Anthony’s is one of Puliyanthivu's most striking churches.

7. Auliya Mosque

2.96 MILES

The tiny Auliya Mosque has a curious green minaret. It's a great place to observe the Dutch Fort over the water.

8. Mahatma Gandhi Park


This lovely modern park along Old Batti's waterfront is popular with strolling couples and includes features such as the Batticaloa Gate, which was a 19th…