Buddha Statue

The Ancient Cities

To the side of the Ambasthale Dagoba is a flight of rock-carved steps leading to this large white sitting-Buddha statue.

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1. Relic House

0.04 MILES

This modern building houses an ornate golden relic casket flanked by elephant tusks. The trail to the Mahinda Cave starts from the back of the courtyard.

2. Ambasthale Dagoba

0.04 MILES

The main ceremonial stairway, lined with frangipani trees, leads to the Ambasthale Dagoba, built over the spot where Mahinda converted Devanampiya Tissa…

3. Statue of the King

0.04 MILES

This statue of king Devanampiya Tissa wearing traditional dress, situated next to the Ambasthale Dagoba, marks the spot where he met and was converted by…

4. Bodhi Tree

0.06 MILES

The bodhi tree to the left of the steps leading to the Mahaseya Dagoba is said to be one of the oldest surviving trees in Sri Lanka. The tree is…

5. Aradhana Gala

0.06 MILES

To the east of Ambasthale Dagoba is a steep path over sun-heated rock-carved steps leading up to a point with great views of the surrounding valley. A…

6. Mahaseya Dagoba


This dagoba (the largest at Mihintale) is thought to have been built to house relics of Mahinda. On the far side you'll find the original, smaller brick…

7. Mahinda’s Cave

0.11 MILES

A path leads downhill from the back of the relic house courtyard, northeast of the Ambasthale Dagoba, for 10 minutes to a cave where there is a large flat…

8. Dagoba

0.13 MILES

To the side of the Mahaseya Dagoba is this older, smaller brick dagoba, one of the oldest in Sri Lanka and yet largely ignored by visitors.