The East

Off the A4 between the 308km and 309km posts is Kotawehera, the ruined remains of an ancient brick stupa, which enjoys a magnificent situation upon a hilltop. On a clear day, there are spectacular vistas over forests to the wetlands around Pottuvil Lagoon. It's 11km west of Pottuvil.

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1. Magul Maha Vihara

1.34 MILES

About 12km west of Pottuvil lies this evocative 5th-century ruin, set in a peaceful forested spot. Probably built by King Dhatusena (r 459–77), the site…

3. Church

5.24 MILES

A small church near the roundabout where the A4 highway makes the sharp turn between its route west and north.

4. Church

5.29 MILES

A small church with shady grounds north of the bus terminal.

6. Green Mosque

5.84 MILES

This small neighbourhood mosque takes its name from its traditional colours. Pottuvil is a largely Muslim town.

7. Arugam Bay Beach

5.93 MILES

This long crescent of sand, partially shaded by coconut palms, is as good a reason as any to visit Arugam Bay. In season, its appeal to surfers is obvious…

8. Mudu Maha Vihara

6.05 MILES

Out near the ocean east of the centre are the ancient ruins of Mudu Maha Vihara. This moody little site, partly submerged in the encroaching sand dunes,…