Kudumbigala Forest Hermitage

The East

The superb 47-sq-km site of Kudumbigala Forest Hermitage is a marvellous jumble of forgotten Sigiriya-style outcrops set in dense jungle. Over 200 shrines and hermits’ lodgings are set in caves or sealed rocky overhangs here. While none is individually especially interesting, the atmosphere is fantastic and the dagoba-topped summit of the highest rock offers vast panoramas across the eccentric landscape and expansive forest canopy. Kudumbigala is usually visited along with nearby Kumana and Okanda on tours. Drivers know where to stop and how to access it.

There are glimpses of lagoon and sandbars towards the shore, and the far southwestern horizon is distantly serrated by the spiky Weliara Ridge. As this is an active hermitage, quiet and modest dress are requested.

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