Mullaittivu Beach

Jaffna & the North

The beach at Mullaittivu is long, white and beautiful. It's undeveloped, although there is some construction in the town, as stores are being built. There is a simple cafe run by a military officer back behind the sand. The surf ranges from mild to treacherous.

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1. Vaddu Vakal Bridge

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This single-lane concrete veteran still bears war scars. When the fish are running, the sides are lined with people casting nets; it's one of the few…

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The LTTE navy was a guerrilla force that operated for decades, often organising suicide attacks on government ships and ports. This site is where…

3. Shelling Zone

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4. Monument of Victory

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5. Fallen Water Tower

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Right near the centre of town, an enormous concrete water tower lies on its side where it was toppled in the final days of the war in 2008. The sheer size…