Sri Nagavihara International Buddhist Centre


The solitary Sri Nagavihara International Buddhist Centre was quickly rebuilt after government forces retook Jaffna in 1995.

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2. Jaffna Archaeological Museum

0.45 MILES

This small, unkempt but interesting museum is hidden away at the end of a messy garden behind a concrete events hall. At the door are a pair of rusty…

3. Clock Tower

0.47 MILES

An architectural curiosity, the spindly Clock Tower has a Moorish domed top, which makes it look like it belongs somewhere in North Africa. It was erected…

5. Jaffna Public Library

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Tellingly, one of the first major buildings to be rebuilt after the 2002 ceasefire was Jaffna's Public Library. It had been burnt down by pro-government…

6. Subramaniam Park

0.61 MILES

An elegant modern park with impressive fountains. It reopened in 2010 after war damage was repaired. It has a fun children's play area.

7. Miralliamman Kovil

0.64 MILES

Easily overshadowed by the nearby Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil, this temple tries hard to be noticed with especially vibrant colours.

8. St James' Church

0.74 MILES

This is the grandest church in Jaffna, a classical Italianate edifice used by Anglicans that dates to 1827.