Coves del Drac

Top choice cave in Porto Cristo

Over-visited, probably overpriced, the Coves del Drac are by no means overrated. Of all Mallorca's accessible cave complexes, this is the least forgettable. A 1.2km shuffle with the inevitable crowd, accompanied by a multilingual commentary, leads through chamber after chamber of impossible shapes, colours and dimensions. The one-hour tour (leaving on each hour) finishes at a vast amphitheatre and lake, where you’ll enjoy a brief boat-borne classical music recital.

It's difficult to truly convey the magic of this place – it's at times like a vast underground cathedral complete with organ pipes, at others like a petrified forest. The breathtakingly beautiful (and cleverly exploited) chambers, theatrically lit in bright colours, are adorned with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The tour delves into the most beautiful parts of the 2km-long limestone tunnel, and a short boat ride on the lake is possible after the concert.