Castillo de Dénia


From Plaza de la Constitución steps lead up to the ruins of Dénia’s castle, from where there’s a great overview of the town and coast. The castle grounds contain the Museo Arqueològic de Dénia, a collection of potsherds illustrating the town's long history. The closing time changes according to the time of year; check the website for exact times.

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Nearby Dénia attractions

1. Fish Auction

14.23 MILES

Head down to the fishing port, in the shadow of the mighty Peñón, to watch the day's catch get auctioned off in the lonja (fish market).

2. Palacio Ducal dels Borja

17.66 MILES

Gandia’s magnificent palace was built in the early 1300s and was for centuries the home of the Borja dukes of Gandia, who included the Jesuit saint…

3. Playa de Gandia

18.74 MILES

Playa de Gandia, 6km from the centre, is a long, broad beach of fine sand, groomed daily by a fleet of tractors. It’s a popular resort with a good summer…

4. Altea Old Town

18.86 MILES

It's an easy 10-minute stroll back from the beach to this tight-knit hilltop warren of whitewashed houses. It's visually very beautiful and, though the…

5. Castillo de San José

20.09 MILES

This ruined castle, perched on a rock, offers the best vistas of the area. To reach it you pass through Casa Orduña, a beautiful village house with its…

6. Museo de Saleros y Pimenteros

20.18 MILES

Call by the Museo de Saleros y Pimenteros for its sheer quirkiness. Its cabinets cascade with more than 20,000 salt and pepper pots of every imaginable…