Museo del Orinal

Museum in Ciudad Rodrigo

Chamber pots, commodes, bed pans…Ciudad Rodrigo’s Museo del Orinal may be located opposite the cathedral, but its theme is definitely more down to earth than sacred. This city is home to Spain’s (possibly the world’s) only museum dedicated to the not-so-humble chamber pot (or potty, as it is known in the UK). The private collection of former local resident José María del Arco comprises a staggering 1300 exhibits. Hailing from 27 countries, there are some truly historic pieces here.

Highlights include a 12th-century Islamic version from Cordoba and some wonderful one-offs, like a 19th-century French chamber pot shaped like a bra and a Chinese example with a narrow opening, apparently used on rice boats. José Maria’s wife is from Wales so, unsurprisingly, there are a considerable number of UK potties here, including beautifully painted Victorian ceramic pieces and the more rustic wooden-seated style. (Ironically, there are no public toilets at the Museo del Orinal, so if you find you need to tinkle, you'll have to go elsewhere.)