Talaia d’Albercuix

Northern Mallorca

You can climb a couple of kilometres up a side road from the Mirador de Sa Creueta to the Talaia d’Albercuix watchtower (380m), built to warn of pirates and you can see why; the views extend far out to sea. When the cliffs glow at sunset, it is the perfect photo op.

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1. Mirador de Sa Creueta

0.28 MILES

This popular lookout 3km northeast of Port de Pollença gazes out over dizzying views along the ragged north coast.

2. Platja de Formentor

1.01 MILES

A fine ribbon of pale, pine-fringed sand, with crystal-clear water; it can get busy in summer. Parking costs €10 for the day.

4. Cala Carbó

3.12 MILES

Around the headland to the east, Cala Carbó is the smallest and least visited of Cala Sant Vicenç's beaches.

5. Cala Molins

3.27 MILES

The biggest and busiest of Cala Sant Vicenç's four beaches, with rows of parasols on a deep sandy strand, easygoing access into the shimmering pale…

6. Cala Clara

3.33 MILES

Pretty Cala Clara is small and perfectly formed, around 30m wide with clear, shallow, minty-blue water.

7. Cala Barques

3.39 MILES

The westernmost and first of Cala Sant Vicenç's beaches, Cala Barques, is sandy until you hit the water, when you have to pick your way over rocks to…

8. Platja s'Illot

4.59 MILES

A curtain of pines rises behind Platja s'Illot, a pretty cove beloved of locals where crystal-clear water and an islet makes it great for a spot of…