Plaza 1˚ de Mayo


Broad Plaza 1º de Mayo was originally Úbeda's market square and bullring. It was also the grisly site of Inquisition burnings, which local bigwigs used to watch from the gallery of the Antiguo Ayuntamiento in the southwestern corner. The Iglesia de San Pablo, on the square's north side, has a particularly elaborate late-Gothic portal from 1511.

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1. Iglesia de San Pablo

0.03 MILES

The Iglesia de San Pablo has an impressive, elaborate, late-Gothic south portal from 1511, facing the plaza, and some fine pillars, arches and carved…

2. Antiguo Ayuntamiento

0.03 MILES

Plaza 1˚ de Mayo, originally the town’s market square and bullring, was also the site of Inquisition burnings, which local bigwigs used to watch from the…

3. Sinagoga del Agua

0.08 MILES

The medieval Sinagoga del Agua was discovered in 2006 by a refreshingly ethical property developer who intended to build apartments here, only to discover…

4. Palacio Vela de los Cobos

0.09 MILES

This fascinating Vandelvira-designed 16th-century mansion, elegantly restored in the 19th century, is still a private home, fully furnished and replete…

5. Museo de San Juan de la Cruz

0.09 MILES

This sizeable museum, part of the Convento de San Miguel, is devoted to the famous mystic and religious reformer St John of the Cross, who died here in…

6. Palacio del Deán Ortega

0.09 MILES

Next to the Capilla de El Salvador stands what was originally its chaplain's house, the Palacio del Deán Ortega – now Úbeda’s luxurious parador hotel…

7. Palacio de Vázquez de Molina

0.11 MILES

Úbeda's ayuntamiento (town hall) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful – if not the most beautiful – in Spain. It was built by Vandelvira in about 1562…

8. Sacra Capilla del Salvador

0.11 MILES

This famous chapel, built between 1536 and 1559, is the flagship of Úbeda Renaissance architecture. Commissioned by Francisco de los Cobos y Molina as his…