Espacio del Geoparque de Sobrarbe


This small museum in one of Aínsa castle’s towers discusses the geology of the Sobrarbe district centred on Aínsa (including a good chunk of the Pyrenees) from the mists of time to the Ice Age – and ways you can explore it.

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1. Castillo

0.02 MILES

The castle precinct off Plaza Mayor mostly dates from the 16th and 17th centuries; there are good views from the walls. The two surviving towers house…

2. Eco Museo

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Housed in a tower of Aínsa's castle, the Eco Museo presents models and information displays on Pyrenean fauna; a few rescued birds of prey in small…

3. Plaza Mayor


Old Aínsa's broad, cobbled main plaza, lined by handsome stone arcades and houses, is one of Spain's loveliest. It was created as a market place and…

4. Iglesia de Santa María

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Aínsa’s main church bears all the hallmarks of unadulterated Romanesque. Few embellishments mark its thick, bare walls, which date from the 11th century…

5. Monasterio de San Victorián

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On the slopes of La Peña Montañesa, San Victorián monastery has claims to be the oldest monastery in Spain. Dating from the 11th century (though much…

6. Colegiata de Santa María

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The Moorish alcázar (fortress) crowning Alquézar's highest point was replaced in 1099, after Christian conquest, by a fortified monastery. Some of the…