Heundeul Bawi

Seoraksan National Park

This massive 16-tonne boulder is balanced on the edge of a rocky ledge and can be rocked to and fro by a small group of people. It’s a lookout on the way to Ulsan Bawi and a popular spot for photos.

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Nearby Seoraksan National Park attractions

1. Gyejo-am

0.18 MILES

A hermitage en route to Ulsan Bawi, Gyejo-am is a human-made cave where you can sometimes hear Buddhist monks chanting just before reaching the boulder of…

2. Ulsan Bawi

0.54 MILES

This spectacular granite cliff stands at 873m and is a popular destination for hikers making the strenuous, two-hour, 4.3km hike from the Seoraksan…

4. Sinheung-sa

1.24 MILES

This temple complex that has stood on this site since AD 652 but has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. At the entrance are the Four Heavenly Kings …

5. Bronze Jwabul Statue

1.39 MILES

On the approach to Sinheung-sa you will pass this huge 10m-tall bronze seated Buddha statue.

6. Geumganggul

1.97 MILES

This cave hollowed into the rock of Seorak-san offers worthwhile views of the valley. The 23 sq m cave was once used as a place to worship the stone…

7. Yukdam Pokpo

2.21 MILES

Yukdam Pokpo is a series of six waterfalls and a pond.

8. Gwongeum-seong

2.41 MILES

These remains of a fortress are thought to date to the 13th century. The easiest and quickest way to get here is to take the cable car.