Seoraksan National Park

A Buddhist temple built in 1957, though originally constructed in the 7th century in the Silla Kingdom. It's worth walking over its wooden bridge, which spans the valley.

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1. Dumun Pokpo

2.43 MILES

This waterfall is reached after a lovely 2½ hour climb from Namgyo-ri.

2. Seoraksan National Park


One of South Korea's most beloved and beautiful national parks, and a Unesco Biosphere Protection site, Seoraksan is most celebrated for its oddly shaped…

3. Jangsu-dae


This elegant, traditional Korean house was originally built in the pine forest for people to pray for fallen soldiers in the Korean War. Nowadays people…

4. Geumganggul

5.18 MILES

This cave hollowed into the rock of Seorak-san offers worthwhile views of the valley. The 23 sq m cave was once used as a place to worship the stone…

7. Ulsan Bawi

5.74 MILES

This spectacular granite cliff stands at 873m and is a popular destination for hikers making the strenuous, two-hour, 4.3km hike from the Seoraksan…

8. Gyejo-am

5.82 MILES

A hermitage en route to Ulsan Bawi, Gyejo-am is a human-made cave where you can sometimes hear Buddhist monks chanting just before reaching the boulder of…