Seryeom Pokpo


A scenic waterfall on the hike between Guryong-sa and the peak of Biro-bong.

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Nearby Gangwon-do attractions

1. Guryong-sa

1.06 MILES

Set among the verdant hills of Chiaksan National Park, this colourful and vibrant temple is a beauty, its main courtyard festooned with vibrantly coloured…

2. Chiaksan National Park

1.44 MILES

Scenic and mountainous Chiaksan (the name means 'Pheasant Peak Mountain') National Park is home to the lovely Guryong-sa and a host of other temples, and…

3. Beommun-sa

2.34 MILES

One of the many Buddhist temples in the park.

4. Gwaneum-sa

3.14 MILES

This temple is dedicated to Gwaneum, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy who 'listens to the cries of the world'.

5. Bomun-sa

3.51 MILES

One of the numerous Buddhist temples within the park.

7. Sangwon-sa

5.33 MILES

This temple was built by the Buddhist monk Ja Jang (590–658) in 643, rebuilt in 705, burnt down in 1946 and restored again in 1947. The oldest remains is…

8. Yeongwon-sa

5.37 MILES

A temple built by Buddhist priest Uisang Daesa during the Silla period.