This large, flat rock face has a raised bas-relief standing Buddha image carved out of it, his hands in front of his chest and dressed in a flowing robe. A temple stands nearby.

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Nearby Chungcheongbuk-do attractions

1. Deokju-sa

0.55 MILES

This temple, near the late Silla-era fortress, Deokjusan-seong, is a rebuilding of the original which was built at the end of the 6th century and stood a…

3. Mireuksaji

3.28 MILES

This stone Buddhist temple near Mireuk-ri dates to the late Silla or early Goryeo period and contains a five-storey stone pagoda in front of a tall…

5. Danyang Gospel Church

16.61 MILES

The steeple of this large red-brick church along the Danyang riverside provides a good navigation point.

7. Gosu Donggul

17.48 MILES

This stunning limestone cave is a rabbit warren of metal catwalks and spiral staircases running through 1.7km of dense, narrow grottoes. It’s quite an…

8. Guin-sa

23.67 MILES

This stately (though largely modern) complex’s 30-odd buildings are wedged beautifully into a valley, between steep, forested slopes. Erected on a…