Opposite the large former Legislative Assembly building is the site of King Mpande’s iKhanda (palace), KwaNodwengu. Mpande won control from Dingaan after the Zulus' disastrous loss at Blood River. He seized power with assistance from the Boers, but Zululand declined during his reign. The king’s grave is here, but there’s little else to see.

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1. Ondini

2.32 MILES

Established as Cetshwayo’s capital in 1873, Ondini was razed by British troops after the Battle of Ulundi (July 1879), the final engagement of the Anglo…

2. KwaZulu Cultural-Historical Museum


This museum, located within Ondini, has excellent exhibits on Zulu history and culture. It also has one of the country’s best collections of beadwork on…

3. Emakhosini Ophathe Heritage Park

10.91 MILES

Ulundi lies within the Valley of the Kings, the name of which is officially promoted as Emakhosini Ophathe Heritage Park. The area is of great…

4. Spirit of Emakhosini Monument


This monument comprises a massive bronze Zulu beer pot, surrounded by 18 bronze reliefs depicting Zulu life, and seven large horns symbolising the seven…

5. Mgungundlovu

13.23 MILES

The military settlement of Mgungundlovu (Ungungundhlovu), Dingaan’s capital from 1829 to 1838, is southwest of Ulundi on Rte 34 (the road linking Vryheid…

6. Bhejane Waterhole & Hide

21.36 MILES

Elephants are known to congregate and bathe at this borehole in the iMfolozi section of the park.

7. Mphafa Waterhole & Hide

21.45 MILES

Located next to a rocky cliff face, this waterhole is a particularly picturesque place to view wildlife, especially elephants, giraffe, buffalo and…

8. Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park

26.41 MILES

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi is one of South Africa’s best-known, most evocative parks. Covering 960 sq km, it is best visited in the dry winter months (May to…