Second Beach

The Wild Coast

Second Beach is Port St Johns's heart and soul. Locals come to this idyllic stretch of sand to while away the hot days and party as the sun goes down. Wandering down to the shallows for a paddle and spotting Nguni cows lounging on the sand are classic Port St Johns experiences. That said, be aware of rip currents and sharks.

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1. Silaka Nature Reserve

0.72 MILES

This small reserve, 6km south of Port St Johns, is worth a visit if you want to soak up the stunning scenery. It runs from Second Beach past Third Beach…

2. Mt Thesiger

2.47 MILES

Just north of the town centre on the banks of the Mzimvubu River, a sealed road (Concrete Rd) climbs to this favourite sunset spot – a flat-topped hill…

3. Hluleka Nature Reserve

18.12 MILES

Approximately midway between Coffee Bay and Port St Johns, this nature reserve is known for its spectacular coastline of rocky seashores, pristine beaches…