South End Museum

Port Elizabeth

Multimedia exhibits relate the history of South End, a vibrant multicultural district destroyed by apartheid bulldozers during forced removals between 1965 and 1975 (under the infamous Group Areas Act). The inhabitants were relocated to other parts of the city, designated by race. Book ahead for a one-hour guided walking tour of the area (R100).

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1. No. 7 Castle Hill

0.57 MILES

This museum-house, occupying a picturesque cottage dating from 1827, evokes a settler family's life during the mid-Victorian period.

2. Campanile

0.61 MILES

This bell tower, visible from the city centre, was erected to commemorate the landing of the 1820 British settlers. Unfortunately, it’s near the entrance…

3. Donkin Reserve

0.68 MILES

This pleasant hilltop park is a good place to get your bearings, particularly if you climb to the top of the lighthouse. The pyramid is a memorial to…

5. Kings Beach

1.15 MILES

Sandy central beach, popular for sunbathing and swimming in the shallows. Take extreme care when swimming; the current is very strong.

6. Bayworld

1.27 MILES

In desperate need of modernisation, this complex includes a museum, an oceanarium and a snake park. The Xhosa gallery and the First People of the Bay…

7. Hobie Beach

1.62 MILES

The beach of choice for windsurfers, sailors and kite-surfers, and sunbathers will also love it.


4.68 MILES

Most of the world's remaining 25,000 breeding pairs of endangered African penguins are found around Algoa Bay; they are threatened by currents pushing…