Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Route 62

A Big Five reserve in the Little Karoo, 18km west of Barrydale, with wildlife activities for those staying in its three ultra-luxurious lodges.

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1. Joubert-Tradauw

11.92 MILES

West of Barrydale, Joubert-Tradauw is a charming spot for some boutique wine tasting and a light lunch from its small menu of salads, platters and burgers.

2. Barrydale Cellar

14.17 MILES

Although it looks like a characterless industrial cellar from the roadside, the tasting room and restaurant on the river bank are actually quite charming…

3. Marloth Nature Reserve


Perched in the Langeberge, 1.5km north of town, this reserve is particularly pretty in October and November when the ericas are in flower. If the day…

4. Old Gaol

19.06 MILES

Part of the Drostdy Museum, you’ll find part of the original administrative buildings and a watermill here. Entrance included in the museum's ticket price…

5. Mayville

19.08 MILES

This residence, dating back to 1853, has a formal Victorian garden. It is part of the Drostdy Museum, and entrance is included with the museum ticket…

6. Dutch Reformed Church

19.13 MILES

Swellendam residents swear every visitor takes a photograph of this wedding-cake-like church in the centre of town.

7. Drostdy Museum

19.13 MILES

The centrepiece of this excellent museum is the beautiful drostdy (residence of an official) itself, which dates from 1747. The museum ticket also covers…

8. Bontebok National Park

22.12 MILES

Some 6km south of Swellendam is this national park, proclaimed in 1931 to save the remaining 30 bontebok. The project was successful, and bontebok as well…