Capuchin Bridge

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The tiny Capuchin Bridge (sometimes called the Stone Bridge) leading from the Capuchin monastery is one of the symbols of the town. It originally dates from the 14th century and is an excellent vantage point for the Old Town and the castle as well as the river. To capture the bridge in its full photogenic glory, cross the footbridge over the river just to the east.

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1. Capuchin Monastery

0.04 MILES

The 18th-century Capuchin monastery, west of the bus station, has a priceless library of medieval manuscripts, as well as the Škofja Loka Passion, a…

2. Homan House

0.07 MILES

Almost every building on Mestni trg is of historical and architectural importance, but arguably the most impressive is Homan House, dating from 1511 with…

3. Parish Church of St James

0.08 MILES

The town's most important church dates back to the 13th century, with key features like the nave, the presbytery with star vaulting (1524) and the tall…

4. Loka Museum

0.09 MILES

The town's premier sight is the commanding Loka castle, overlooking the settlement from a grassy hill west of Mestni trg. It dates from the 13th century…

5. Mestni Trg


The group of pastel-hued 16th-century burghers' houses on this main square have earned the town the nickname 'Colourful Loka'. Almost every one is of…

6. Former Town Hall

0.11 MILES

On Mestni trg, look out for the former Town Hall, remarkable for its stunning three-storey Gothic courtyard and the 17th-century frescoes on its facade.

7. Plague Pillar

0.12 MILES

The plague pillar, near the centre of Mestni trg, was erected in 1751.

8. Spodnji Trg

0.13 MILES

The large square to the east of Mestni trg was where the poorer folk lived in the Middle Ages. The 16th-century Granary at the square's northern end, is…