Mull of Galloway

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Scotland's southernmost point is a spectacular spot, with windswept green grass and views of Scotland, England, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. The lighthouse here was built by Robert Stevenson, grandfather of the writer, in 1826. The Mull of Galloway RSPB nature reserve, home to thousands of seabirds, is also important for its wildflowers. At the entrance to the reserve is a spectacular clifftop cafe. The former homes of the lightkeepers are available as accommodation; check out

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1. Lighthouse Exhibition

0.27 MILES

You can learn more about the Stevenson clan of lighthouse builders in the small exhibition at the lighthouse's base.

2. Mull of Galloway Visitor Centre

0.28 MILES

This visitor centre has plenty of information on local species and camera feeds from nesting birds on the cliff-face. There are guided walks on Tuesdays…

3. Mull of Galloway Lighthouse


You can climb the lighthouse at the Mull of Galloway for views over four different political entities: Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and the Isle of…

4. Logan Botanic Garden

8.27 MILES

The mild climate in this southwestern part of Scotland is demonstrated at Logan Botanic Garden, a mile north of Port Logan, where an array of subtropical…

5. St Ninian's Cave

17.16 MILES

Around Burrow Head, to the southwest but accessed off the A747 before you enter the Isle of Whithorn, is St Ninian's Cave, where the saint apparently went…

6. Castle Kennedy Gardens

19.05 MILES

Three miles east of Stranraer, these magnificent gardens are among Scotland's most renowned. They cover 30 hectares and are set on an isthmus between two…

7. Whithorn Timescape

19.15 MILES

Ruined Whithorn Priory (Scotland's earliest recorded church) is part of this excellent complex, which introduces you to the history of the place with a…

8. Castle of St John

19.68 MILES

Worth a quick visit, the Castle of St John is a tower built in 1510 by the Adairs of Kihilt, a powerful local family. The old stone cells carry a…