Sanday Heritage Centre


This museum in the former temperance hall has intriguing displays on various aspects of island history, including fishing, WWI, archaeology and shipwrecks. In an adjacent field a typical croft house is preserved.

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1. Quoyness Chambered Tomb

2.18 MILES

There are several archaeological sites on Sanday, the most impressive being this chambered tomb, similar to Maeshowe and dating from the 3rd millennium BC…

2. Tofts Ness

5.91 MILES

Right at Sanday's northeastern tip, this is a major prehistoric funerary complex with over 500 graves from the Bronze Age as well as burial cairns and…

3. Papa Stronsay

7.31 MILES

Just across the harbour from Whitehall is the small island of Papa Stronsay, where Earl Rognvald Brusason was murdered in 1046. The island is owned by a…

4. Eday Heritage & Visitor Centre

8.38 MILES

Set in a former church, this place has a range of local history exhibits, as well as an audiovisual display about tidal energy initiatives: there's a big…

5. New Kirk

9.15 MILES

In the centre of North Ronaldsay island, the New Kirk holds an interesting exhibition of B&W photos that document various aspects of North Ronaldsay life.

6. North Ronaldsay Lighthouse

11.09 MILES

At the northern end of the island, this lighthouse is over 100ft high and one of many built across Scotland by the Stevenson family. A visitor centre and…

7. Holm of Papay

13.08 MILES

This uninhabited island just off the eastern shore of Papa Westray is notable for its three chambered cairns, the largest of which (South Cairn) is most…

8. Kelp Store

13.63 MILES

This 18th-century seaweed shed has been impressively restored and holds an interesting exhibition on Papa Westray's history and craft traditions.