Outer Hebrides

On a sunny day, it’s worth making the long detour to Great Bernera's northern tip for a picnic at the perfect little sandy beach of Bosta. As an alternative to driving, there’s a signposted 5-mile coastal walk from Breacleit, the island's only village, to Bosta.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Outer Hebrides attractions

1. Iron Age House

0.14 MILES

In 1996 archaeologists excavated an entire Iron Age village at the head of Bosta beach. Afterwards, the village was reburied for protection, but a…

2. Dun Carloway

3.32 MILES

Dun Carloway is a 2000-year-old, dry-stone broch, perched defiantly above a beautiful loch with views to the mountains of North Harris. The site is…

3. Doune Broch Centre


The tiny, turf-roofed Doune Broch Centre has interpretative displays and exhibitions about the history of the Dun Carloway broch and the life of the…

4. Blackhouse Museum

4.24 MILES

A traditional 1955 blackhouse with displays on the village’s history.

5. Gallan Head

5.61 MILES

Gallan Head, 3 miles north of Uig, was once an RAF radar station and surveillance post until it was abandoned in the 1960s. The old military camp, ringed…

6. Uig Museum

6.23 MILES

This small community museum, housed in the local school, has lots of info on the Lewis chess pieces (discovered nearby in 1831) and on other historic…

7. Callanish Standing Stones

6.48 MILES

The Callanish Standing Stones, 15 miles west of Stornoway on the A858 road, form one of the most complete stone circles in Britain. It is one of the most…

8. Calanais Visitor Centre

6.59 MILES

This visitor centre near the Callanish Standing Stones is a tour de force of discreet design. Inside is a small exhibition that speculates on the origins…