Butt of Lewis

Landmark in Lewis (Leodhais)

The Butt of Lewis – the extreme northern tip of the Hebrides – is windswept and rugged, with a very imposing lighthouse, pounding surf and large colonies of nesting fulmars on the high cliffs. There’s a bleak sense of isolation here, with nothing but the grey Atlantic between you and Canada. The main settlement is Port of Ness (Port Nis), which has an attractive harbour. To the west is the sandy beach of Traigh, which is popular with surfers.

Just before the turn-off to the Butt at Eoropie (Eoropaidh), you’ll find St Moluag’s Church (Teampull Mholuidh), an austere, barnlike structure believed to date from the 12th century but still used by the Episcopal Church.