Hejaz Locomotive & Ruins

Northern Saudi Arabia

A lone rusting locomotive sits in the sun on its side, its funnel pointing downwards. Derailed and useless, this relic really evokes the impact TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and his Arab revolters had on the doomed Ottoman Hejaz Railway they set out to destroy. The ruins of a substation and fort also make this the most atmospheric of the Hejazi sights between Al Ula and Medina. Nearby is one of the country's only surviving Ottoman Hejaz Railway bridges.

The journey from Al Ula takes two hours, mainly along Route 328 (for 1½ hours), before meeting the old road to Medina and then taking a dirt road to Huraymil. The site is a few kilometres west behind a wire fence. A 4WD is essential to get here.

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