Huye is home to Rwanda’s largest cathedral, which was constructed in the 1930s to commemorate the life of Princess Astrid. The red-brick building is still used for religious worship, so stop by if you happen to hear the sounds of gospel.

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1. National University of Rwanda

0.62 MILES

Rwanda’s finest institution of learning suffered terribly during the 1994 genocide, though today it has turned towards the future with hope and optimism…

2. Ethnographic Museum

1.24 MILES

This outstanding museum was given to the city as a gift from Belgium in 1989 to commemorate 25 years of independence. While the building itself is…

3. Murambi Genocide Memorial

15.93 MILES

Nyamagabe (formerly called Gikongoro) and the satellite town of Murambi was the site of one of the most unforgettable horrors of the 1994 genocide…

4. National Arts Gallery – Rwesero

16.29 MILES

Rwanda's most prestigious art museum is housed inside what was meant to be King Mutara III Rudahigwa's new palace (he died before the building was…

5. King's Palace Museum – Rukari

16.93 MILES

Situated on a hill 2km southwest of town, this fascinating museum is less about ancient history and more about royal residences. The displays centre on a…