Monument to the Heroes of 1812

Western European Russia

This Smolensk monument pays tribute to those who fought against Napoleon's armies in 1812.

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1. Smolensk WWII Museum

0.07 MILES

This comprehensive museum covers WWII in the Smolensk area from the beginning of the war and occupation by the Nazis to the region's liberation. Displays …

3. Thunder Tower

0.14 MILES

This witch-hatted tower offers incredible city views from its fourth tier; a small museum (open 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday; admission R80) on the 3rd…

4. Art Gallery

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Housed in a beautiful building with wrought-iron staircases, this splendid collection includes pieces by luminaries such as Valentin Serov, Ilya Repin and…

5. Konenkov Sculpture Museum

0.17 MILES

Contains playful woodworks by Smolensk Oblast native Sergei Konenkov, otherwise known as the 'Russian Rodin'. The museum also has works by other noted…

6. Glinka Garden


At the east end of this shady garden with fountains, an 1885 statue of the composer Glinka is surrounded by a fence with excerpts from his opera A Life…

7. History Museum

0.27 MILES

This gorgeous mustard-coloured building is home to a range of different galleries over two floors, covering natural and local history. Displays include…

8. In the World of Fairytales Museum

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One for the kids, where they've smashed the boring don't-touch rules. It's a small creative space with activities and interactive exhibits based on…