St Petersburg

This multi-floored gallery near the Griboyedov Canal stages intriguing exhibitions that showcase the talents of Russian artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. The content changes roughly every two months, and past shows have delved into Russian symbolism, Soviet depictions of femininity, Russian futurism, and portraits and landscapes from the Leningrad school.

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1. Lviny Most

0.06 MILES

Four majestic white lions – two on either end – guard this photogenic bridge, which was built in 1826.

2. Mariinsky Theatre

0.16 MILES

The Mariinsky Theatre has played a pivotal role in Russian ballet ever since it was built in 1859 and remains one of Russia's most loved and respected…

3. Yusupov Palace

0.19 MILES

This spectacular palace on the Moyka River has some of the best 19th-century interiors in the city, in addition to a fascinating and gruesome history. The…

4. Nikolsky Cathedral

0.27 MILES

Surrounded on two sides by canals, this ice-blue cathedral is one of the most picture-perfect in the city, beloved by locals for its baroque spires and…

5. Small Synagogue

0.32 MILES

Behind the Grand Choral Synagogue, this red-brick synagogue is generally open for guided tours only. Make inquiries via the website.

6. Grand Choral Synagogue

0.33 MILES

Designed by Vasily Stasov, the striking Grand Choral Synagogue opened in 1893 to provide a central place of worship for St Petersburg’s growing Jewish…

7. Museum of the History of Religion

0.38 MILES

Back in the day, this was called the Museum of Atheism; it had a very strong anti-religious bent and was housed in the Kazan Cathedral. Now the name has…

8. Central Naval Museum

0.39 MILES

Following a move to this beautifully repurposed building opposite the former shipyard of New Holland, the Central Naval Museum has moved into the 21st…