Rosenshtein Apartment Building

St Petersburg

Petrogradsky Island is packed with architectural treasures, including this building, which plays with medieval themes in its stuccoed walls, lancet windows and twin castle-like towers looming over the street.

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1. Kirov Museum

0.26 MILES

Leningrad party boss Sergei Kirov was one of the most powerful men in Russia in the early 1930s. His decidedly un-proletarian apartment is now a…

3. Petersburg Avant-garde Museum

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Also known as the House of Matyushin, this small museum occupies a charming grey-painted wooden cottage dating from the mid-19th century that was once the…

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6. Botanical Gardens

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On eastern Aptekarsky (Apothecary) Island, this was once a garden of medicinal plants – founded by Peter the Great himself in 1714 – that gave the island…

7. Yelizarov Museum

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