Voznesensko Georgievskiy Church

Western Siberia

Large, green-domed church.

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Nearby Western Siberia attractions

1. Lovers Bridge

0.12 MILES

Lovers Bridge is a local landmark covered in appropriately romantic graffiti and a ridiculous amount of padlocks symbolising ever lasting love…

2. WWII Monument

0.21 MILES

This unusual WWII monument features a Soviet woman piercing the heart of a winged reptilian creature. The embodiment of evil, we assume.

3. Riverside Promenade

0.21 MILES

Tyumen's sleek riverside promenade runs northwest from the centre almost all the way to Trinity Monastery. The promenade offers great views of the…

5. Selskhoz Academy

0.43 MILES

The blue Selskhoz Academy is a brick mansion that was originally a school museum. Its biggest claim to fame is being the hiding spot for Lenin during WWII…

6. Trinity Monastery

0.45 MILES

Riverside Trinity Monastery is undoubtedly Tyumen’s most appealing architectural complex. Its kremlin-style crenellated outer wall is pierced by a single…

7. Civil War Monument


To the right of Selskhoz Academy (Сельсхоз Академия), this monument is dedicated to locals who died during battles against the Western-backed White Army…