Selskhoz Academy

Western Siberia

The blue Selskhoz Academy is a brick mansion that was originally a school museum. Its biggest claim to fame is being the hiding spot for Lenin during WWII. Yes, he was already dead! His embalmed body was evacuated here from Moscow for safe keeping.

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1. Civil War Monument

0.07 MILES

To the right of Selskhoz Academy (Сельсхоз Академия), this monument is dedicated to locals who died during battles against the Western-backed White Army…

3. Archangel Mikhail Church

0.17 MILES

The attractive Archangel Mikhail Church sits at the top of a hill just off ul Lenina. Follow ul Turgeneva southwest behind the church to a network of back…

4. Znamensky Cathedral

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With its voluptuously curved baroque towers, the 1786 Znamensky Cathedral is the most memorable of a dozen ‘old’ churches that have recently come back to…

5. Saviour’s Church

0.34 MILES

Saviour’s Church is pretty enough, but unfortunately it's hardly in a peaceful location.

6. WWII Monument

0.35 MILES

This unusual WWII monument features a Soviet woman piercing the heart of a winged reptilian creature. The embodiment of evil, we assume.

7. Lovers Bridge

0.35 MILES

Lovers Bridge is a local landmark covered in appropriately romantic graffiti and a ridiculous amount of padlocks symbolising ever lasting love…